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Handle options

Nova offers instruments with a range of handle designs to suit your exact needs. The handles available for each specific instrument are indicated in the printed and online catalogues.

All Nova handle types and instruments are fully autoclavable for total hygiene within the surgery. See the Care & Decontamination Guidelines for more information.


Stainless steel handles


Stainless steel handles are available in the following variants:

  • Round extra-fine (RF) solid single ended
  • Round extra-fine (RF) solid double ended
  • Round regular (R) solid single ended
  • Round regular (R) solid double ended
  • Round 8mm hollow (H) double ended
  • Octagonal (O) single ended
  • Octagonal (O) double ended

Silicone handles


Silicone handles with alloy inserts (S) are designed to provide a reliable and comfortable grip. They are very well balanced and egonomically designed for excellent levels of control, and available in 7 different colours for easy identification.


Mirror handles


Nova provides a selection of handles for use with dental mirrors.

  • Ergo-Form (standard socket) 
  • Round (standard socket)
  • Round (cone socket)
  • Octagonal (standard socket)
  • Octagonal (cone socket)
  • Deluxe (standard socket)
  • Black Plastic (standard socket)
  • Green Plastic (standard socket)
  • Blue Plastic (standard socket)
  • Blue Plastic (cone socket)
  • Red Plastic (standard socket)
  • Red Plastic (cone socket)


cataloguesThe Nova instrument catalogue is available now - a 58 page guide to the 2015 Nova range, from explorers, probes and carvers through to composite instruments, scalers and forceps.

Right-click the links below to download PDF versions, or contact us to receive a printed version: call +44 (0)1189 121 076 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

PLEASE NOTE: The catalogue is fully searchable

Just press CTRL+F (OPTION +F on a Macintosh) and enter the search string required.


Care & Decontamination Guidelines

Washer/Disinfector Cleaning

  1. Your washer/disinfector must be CE marked or validated.
  2. Use only low foaming, non-ionising cleaning agents and detergent and always follow the instructions for use.
  3. Open any joints or hinges to to enable full draining.
  4. Ensure heavy instruments are placed at the bottom of the basket.
  5. Place any concave surfaces face down.
  6. Use purpose-designed attachments to flush inside reamers, lumens and cannulas.
  7. High alkaline solutions (pH>10) may damage some materials (such as aluminium).
  8. Use soft, high purity water for final rinsing.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

  1. Do not overload/overcrowd cleaner with instruments.
  2. Clean for no longer than 10 mins.
  3. Colour-etched probes or black composite instruments should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic bath.

Manual Cleaning
(NOTE: this is NOT a disinfection process)

  1. Manual cleaning is recommended if you do not have access to an automatic washer/disinfectant.
  2. In a sink used only for instrument cleaning, clean surfaces with an autoclavable brush and a CE marked cleaning solution to remove all debris.
  3. Always brush away from the body and avoid splashing.
  4. Pay close attention to serrations, hinges, ratchets, lumens and cannulas.
  5. Rinse the instrument with soft high purity water and carefully dry by hand or in a drying cabinet.

Thermal Disinfection

  1. Alkaline corrosive detergents should never be used.
  2. Use only a CE marked machine and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Cold Disinfection

  1. Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) should not be used.
  2. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions and warnings for de-contaminates, disinfectants and cleaning agents.
  3. Use only CE marked products.
  4. High alkaline solutions (pH>10) may damage some materials (such as aluminium).

Sterilisation with dry heat

  1. Do not use dry heat to sterilise silicone handled instruments, hollow handled elevators or plastic mirror handles.
  2. Aim for an ideal temperature 160°C, but never exceed 180°C.
  3. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Sterilisation in an autoclave

  1. Instruments should be dry before sterilisation.
  2. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and never exceed the stated load.
  3. Autoclave at 134-137°C for a minimum of 3 minutes.


  1. Always repeat the decontamination process if any debris is still visible.
  2. Damaged and worn-out instruments should be replaced.
  3. Store instruments in a clean, well ventilated and covered condition.
  4. If you have any queries, please contact your supplier.

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